June 25 (TUE)Plenary Conference

Afternoon16:00-17:00(Experts Dialogue)
Li Manchun
Li Manchun

Academician of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, Professor at Nanjing University

Spatiotemporal Data Elements
Zhang Jixian
Zhang Jixian

Executive Director of the Moganshan Geospatial Information Laboratory, Chief Engineer of the National Geomatics Center of China

Feng Wenli
Wu Hongtao

Deputy Director of the Cyberspace Administration of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Deputy Director and Chief Engineer of the Information Center

Xiao Chan
Xiao Chan

Deputy Director of the National Climate Centre

Lang Peipei
Lang Peipei

Chief Expert of the Beijing International Data Exchange

Li Xueyou
Li Xueyou

Chief Engineer and Vice President of the Natural Resources, Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Big Data Business Line, SuperMap

26 JuneParallel Sessions

New Technologies in GIS Platform Software

New Technologies in Remote Sensing Software

Digital Governance of Natural Resources

3D Real Scene China and New Fundamental Surveying and Mapping

Planning, Formulation, and Implementation for National Territorial Spatial Governance

CIM and Digital Housing and Urban-Rural Development

Data Governance and Data Element Services GlS International Forum

Water Conservancy Digital Twins and Smart Water Conservancy

Digital Twin Park and Enterprise Digitization

Transportation Informatization

Informatization of Emergency Response and Disaster Mitigation

"GIS + UAVs" and Low Altitude Economy

GIS International Forum

June 26GIS International Forum


26 June, 2024


Topic / Speaker



Wang Tao,Chair of the ICA Commission on Education and Training, Professor of the Capital Normal University


Opening Speech

Wang Haitao,Vice President of SuperMap, President of SuperMap International


Opening Speech

Diane Dumashie,President of International Federation of Surveyors (FIG)


From Natural Resources Monitoring to SDGs Measuring — A Perspective of China

Yan Qin,President of the Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping


New Generation 3D GIS Technology Empowering Digital Transformation

Li Meng,General Manager of 3D R&D Team of the Platform Product Line, SuperMap


Forest Big Data Platform

Kyungsoo Yoo (South Korea),Director of Sales, SPH


Experiences and Reflections on Market Expansion in the Philippines

Kevin Martin N Cornejo (Philippines),Business Development of SuperMap Philippines


Smart City and Digital Twin for a Local Government Unit (LGU) in the Philippines - A Pioneering Solution

Municipal Assessor,Municipality of Angat


Award Ceremony


City Data Connext: Platform for Smart City Development for Local Government Organizations

Wathinee Kaewzaikird (Thailand),COO of Piramid Solutions


Development of a Digital Twin for the Management of Teaching and Learning to Become Mahasarakham Smart University

Tarawut Boonlua (Thailand),Head of Research and Development Unit for Smart City (RDSC), Faculty of Architecture, Urban Design and Creative Arts Mahasarakham University, Thailand


Lunch Break



Wang Tao,Chair of the ICA Commission on Education and Training, Professor of the Capital Normal University


The Construction of 3D Real Scene with New Fundamental Surveying and Mapping Technology

Hu Chenpu,General Manager of Product Engineer, SuperMap International


The Role of the Geospatial Technologies in Environmental Science in Uzbekistan: Problems and Solutions

Bakhtiyor Pulatov (Uzbekistan),Director of Research Institute of Environment and Nature Conservation Technologies (RIENCT)


Application of Geospatial Technologies to Develop Public Land Inventory in Kenya

Reginald Okumu (Kenya),Commissioner of Kenya Land Commission


Overview of DRSRS Programs and Sectorial Support for Enhanced Service Delivery

Vincent Imala (Kenya),Deputy Director of DRSRS


Malaysia's Local Governance: Implementation of Geospatial Technology for Sustainable Development

Abdul Wafey bin Mohd Aripin (Malaysia),GIS Business Consultant of SmartMap Insights Sdn Bhd


Utilization of SuperMap Technologies in BINUS' Multidisciplinary Research Interest Group (RIG) for Student Enrichment Programme

Fabian Surya Pramudya (Indonesia),Assistant Professor of Mathematics Department, The School of Computer Science


Current State of GIS Technology Applications in Serbia and the Southeast European Region

Zeliko Cviietinovič (Serbia),Co-founder of Mapsoft


The Power of GIS in Emergency Management

Roberto Luigui Gómez Sánchez (Mexico),Technical Director of Soluciones Sig

25-26 June Exhibition

Advanced Technologies
One-Stop Exeperience

Advanced Technologies
One-Stop Exeperience
Remote Sensing GIS, New 3D GIS, Big Data GIS, AI GIS, Video GIS, Distributed GIS, Cross-Platform GIS, Game Engine + GIS, GIS + AR/VR/XR, GIS + UAVs......

Application Cases and Solutions
One-Stop Sensory

Application Cases and Solutions
One-Stop Sensory
Cutting-edge applications and solutions for land, planning, surveying and mapping, housing and urban and rural area construction, municipal administration, design, transportation, water, emergency response, military defense, airport, energy, park, enterprise SaaS, etc.

GIS Ecology
One-Stop Sensory

GIS Ecology
One-Stop Sensory
Extensive coverage of upstream and downstream enterprises, renowned IT companies, software and hardware manufacturers in the GIS ecosystem.


How can the integration of AI large-scale models, GIS, and big data elevate value, foster new models, and empower industries in their digital transformation? What new perspectives and approaches will academic experts and scholars bring to the table?

How to advance the digitization of natural resources to realize the transforamtion from "information-based" management to "digitally-driven" governance? What fresh perspectives will department leaders bring?

The remote sensing and GIS integration technology was created last year, how can it be further integrated with cloud-native technology to unleash computational power and add to productive forces? What are the latest developments in data processing, information interpretation, and industry applications?

What new breakthroughs can be expected in terms of intelligence and visualization from the 3D GIS technology that has already been upgraded?

How to fully leverage the achievements of major initiatives such as 3D Real Scene China to better and more profoundly serve multiple domains of the national economy and social development?

How to leverage facilities such as CIM platforms to deepen the integration of information systems in the housing and urban and rural area consrtuction industry and create a unified digital system?

How can geographic information enterprises engage in the data element industry? How can they leverage the technological advantages of geospatial intelligence to maximize the "(geospatial information × data elements) ×" effect?

How to build a comprehensive business application system for forecast and alarm in water conservancy through the construction of digital twins?

How to seize the opportunities presented by geospatial intelligence, digital twins, and other technologies to accelerate enterprise digitization and achieve high-quality development? What are some typical practices in areas such as industrial parks, civil aviation, and energy?


Currently, the new quality productive forces featuring innovation are transforming the ways of economic growth and the paths of productivity development. Geospatial intelligence is the base for informatization of various industries in economy and society, and has been widely applied to natural resource governance, urban operation management, social governance and other fields, which make it an important engine for new quality productive forces that boosts digital transformation. On June 25-26, 2024, the 2024 Geospatial Intelligence Software Technology Conference (GISTC 2024), themed 'Geospatial Intelligence, Driving Quality Development”, will be held at the China National Convention Center, Beijing, China. The conference will delve into multiple topics in GIS and relevant fields.

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