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  • The Geographical Society of China
  • Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS
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From 30th October to 1st November, the 2019 GIS Software Technology Conference will be held at the Beijing International Convention Center. With the theme of “Geo-intelligence, Deep Evolution”, the conference will focus on the evolution of new technologies, new ideas, and new models, share the international latest research results and innovative solutions of GIS, conduct peak dialogues, and jointly explore new trends in the development of industry with leaders and experts from government agencies, research institutes, universities and enterprises in countries and regions around the world.


The role of GIS in Digital China and the opportunity and challenge of AI.

In addition to the image recognition, more possibilities of GIS and AI.

The breakthroughs of Cloud Native GIS.

The evolution of the new 3D GIS and WebGIS.

What is the Video GIS?

The interpretation of the rules and ideas of natural resources informationization.

The interpretation of the prospect of BIM+GIS.

The deep integration of GIS platform software and the core products of Huawei and Ali.


30 October

Plenary Conference

31 October

International Forum

30 - 31 October


Plenary Conference

International Forum


30 October 8:30-17:30



Xu Yanying
Executive Vice President of China Association for Geographic Information Society


Liao Xiaohan
Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS, Ph.D. Adviser


Digital Change the World

Li Jiancheng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vice President of Wuhan University

Digitalization is changing the world and the traditional world cognition. In the era of rapid development of information and network technology, how can big data, IoT, cloud computing and intelligent manufacturing solve the digital transformation? How to build a more intelligent design, production, operation and management system to improve product quality while reducing costs? How can the digital economy derive a more shared and open economic ecosystem to promote high-quality development? How to achieve sustainable development through digital intelligence? What important improvements have been made in the field of digitalization in surveying, mapping and geographic information in the past decade? What are the problems that still remain unsolved?

The Background and Development of Natural Resources Informationization

Jiang Wenbiao, Director of Information Center, Ministry of Natural Resources

With the rapid development of information technology, the Party Central Committee attaches great importance to informationization, which has become an important way to improve the government's governance ability and modernization of governance level. In the new era of socialism, what opportunities and challenges are natural resource informationization facing in fulfilling the duty of "Two Unifications"? This report will elaborate the focus and the development trend of natural resources informationization.

Data Intelligence Enables Preferential Spatial Information Services

Liu Song, Vice President of Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group’s Mission is “To Make it easy to do business anywhere”, while Alibaba Cloud intelligence persists in promoting business value through technology and innovation. Alibaba attaches great importance to the field of geographic information, so what has Ali done in this field? What substantial progress has been made in cooperation with GIS manufacturers?

The Evolution of GIS Technology: the Discovery of AI GIS

Song Guanfu, President of SuperMap Group, Professorate Senior Engineer

After the hot technologies of cloud native, big data and so on, what is the evolution of GIS technology with the support of AI technology? In addition to more and more AI-integrated GIS algorithms, can the technical system of AI GIS be further constructed? What is the relationship between AI GIS and GeoAI? What are the new developments of cross platform GIS technology to support the informationization needs under the new situation?

Digital CIM Opening New City Experiences

Sylvain Laurent, President of Asia-Pacific Region and Executive Vice President of Global Direct Channels, Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes’ strategic collaboration with SuperMap will ensure a digital continuity and integrate GIS (Geographic Information System) into a CIM (City Information Modeling) system to reinvent and develop the future of cities. SuperMap will promote GIS, and DS will provide our key solutions for urban planning, urban management and urban simulation through the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

GIS+AI Builds the Smart City Digital Platform with Full Connection and Intelligence

Kang Ning, President of Smart City Solution and General Manager of Industry Digitalization Enablement Platform, HUAWEI

Huawei announced its Wotu Developer Program 2.0 with an investment of USD 1.5 billion in the next 5 years in this September, and signed a large number of ecological partners through Wotu digital platform, which is one of the ecological troika of Huawei. What value will this platform bring to ICT eco-partners? What role does GIS play in this platform? How to help the development of smart city and digital China with the integration and innovation of GIS and ICT?

The Evolution of GIS Technology: the Progress of Big Data and Cloud Native GIS

Li Shaohua, Director of Product Consulting Department, SuperMap Research Institute

The cloud and big data technology have been widely used in various industries, and new demands are emerging. It has been one year since the cloud native GIS technology released, how does it bring users a faster, more stable and more intelligent experience? What kind of new data engine can drive the extremely fast processing of big data GIS? How to make AR real scene navigation indoor maps and road data with a mobile phone? Deep principle analysis, various user stories and live demonstrations will help you find the answers in this report!

The Operator Sequence and Location Big Data Enables Industry Applications

Song Yulun, CTO of Unicom Big Data

What is the position of Unicom Big Data? What are the six data capabilities of it? Based on the operator signaling location data, how can Unicom Big Data provide data decision basis and enable industry applications with the support of GIS and data technology, as well as the insight of people’s behavior?

The Evolution of GIS Technology: the Progress of New 3D GIS

Feng Zhenhua, Vice President of SuperMap Research Institute

Under the background of Digital Twin and real 3D construction of China, what progress has the new 3D GIS made in technological innovation and cross border cooperation? How to use distributed technology to realize efficient whole process management of large-scale real 3D data? How does the Standard of Spatial 3D Model (S3M) solve the problem of 3D data sharing? What breakthroughs have been made in the visualization effect of the 3D WebGL technology favored by GIS application developers?

The Pipeline Management & Analysis Based on 3D GIS in City Gas Industry

Jongwon Kim, General Manager of Organization Information Team, Mirae & Seohae Energy

Mirae & Seohae Energy is a well-known energy company that specializes in supplying city gas to parts of central Korea. Why has Mirae & Seohae Energy newly migrated its existing GIS system to SuperMap in 2018? How does GIS guide city gas companies to manage pipeline networks and facilities in 3D?

BIM+GIS Applications in Smart City Construction

Xu Hui, Director of Information Center (Innovation Center) of China Academy of Urban Planning & Design

In response to the new demand for digital “twin cities”, how to build a global leading digital city with the ability of deep learning? With the integration and evolution of BIM+GIS, how to use the cutting-edge technology to serve the whole life cycle process of human-centered urban design, construction, management and operation? Let’s see the case of Xiongan New Area.

31 October
SuperMap International
In order to mainly understand and discuss the GIS software around the world, government officials, industry experts / scholars and enterprise technical directors will be invite to share the development of GIS technology and its application in various industries worldwide. Meanwhile, this forum will introduce the new technology and hot spots of SuperMap GIS software, and shows the application cases and experiences in the countries of Asia, Europe, Africa and South America and covers the industries of smart city, 3D cadaster, urban planning, etc.
Skye Lei, Business Manager of SuperMap International

Welcome Speech

Mr. Zhong Ershun, Chairman of SuperMap

Large Scale 3D Mesh and True Ortho Production Workflows with the nFrames SURE Software and SuperMap

Dr. Konrad Wenzel (Germany), CEO of nFrames

GIS in Migrating Smart Cities from E-governance to G-Governance(Geo Governance)

Mr. Vinay (India), Director of Apogee GeoSmart LLP

Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok's GIS on SuperMap for Managing Improvemen

Mr. Kritsada (Thailand), Professor of Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok's

Partnership Signing Ceremony

Ms. Du Qinge, CGO of SuperMap

What is Pipeline Analysis Solution?

Ms. Natalie Kang (Korea), Global Marketing Manager of SPH

GIS for Location Intelligence in Industry 4.0

Mr. Benny Amor (Indonesia), CTO of PT Bhumi Varta Technology
Mr. Martyn Terpilowsky (Indonesia), CEO of PT Bhumi Varta Technology

Demonstration of New Features – SuperMap 10i

R&D Institute of SuperMap
Break Time/Exhibition

3D Geospatial Visualization for 3D Cadaster and Smart City Application

Mr. Trias Aditya (Indonesia),Head of PPIDS (Infrastructure Data Spatial Processing Centre) of Geodetic Engineering Universitas Gadjah Mada

LANDSIM3D: Rapid 3D Content Generation Tool for SuperMap

Mr. Gourgout Stéphane(France), Co-founder and VP of Sales & Marketing, BIONATICS

Proposing the Boundary of Pha That Phanom, World Heritage's Nomination Site by Using SuperMap GIS Software, Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

Mr. Tarawut (Thailand), Professor of Mahasarakham University

Application Examples of SuperMap GIS in Japan

Ms. Reina Ohashi (Japan), General Manager of Strategic Planning Office, SuperMap Japan Co., Ltd.

Asset Management in BIM with SuperMap

Mr. Maarten van der Hoek (Netherlands), Managing Director of Nieuwland Geo-Informatie

An Overview of SuperMap Technology in Brazil: Challenges and Opportunities

Mr. Luan Henrique dos Santos Oliveira (Brazil), CEO of GeoEspaço-Aplicações GIS&RTLS

GIS Development for Smart Cities in Malaysia - Progress and Challenges

Mr. Muhammad Fahmi (Malaysia), GIS Consultant of SMI

Integrated Solution of Collecting 3D Data and Using It in GIS

Mr. Songporn (Thailand), CEO of Sky11

Underground Utilities Application of Cairo Utility Data Center

Ms. Amal Mohamed Hanafy Mahmoud Fatouh (Egypt), Chairman of Cairo Utility Data Center


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Sangeoo Byun

Manager of IT Division in KFS,from Korea

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Liu Yaolin

Vice President of International Cartographic Association


Anis Saad

Owner and CEO of Barthauer Software GmbH (from Germany)


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